A shell script to set up a macOS machine for design and development.

Safe to run multiple times on the same machine. It installs, upgrades, or skips packages based on what is already installed on the machine.


Download the script:

git clone https://github.com/minamarkham/formation.git && cd formation

Review the script (please don't run scripts you don't understand):

less slay


sh slay 2>&1 | tee ~/formation.log

Optionally, review the log:

less ~/formation.log

What you get

Basic tools:

Check swag for the full list of apps installed

Just add ~./hot-sauce!

Your ~/.hot-sauce is added at the end of your Formation. Put your customizations there.

#!/usr/bin/env bash



step "Making directories…"
for dir in ${DIRECTORIES[@]}; do
    mkd $dir

echo "${indent}  ︎︎❤︎ Configuring screenshots…"
defaults write com.apple.screencapture type jpg
defaults write com.apple.screencapture location $SLAY_SCREENSHOTS
killall SystemUIServer

Write your customizations such that they can be run safely more than once. See the slay script for examples. Formation functions such as print_success and install_brews can be used in your ~/.hot-sauce.


Your last Formation run will be saved to ~/formation.log. Read through it to see if you can debug the issue yourself. If not, copy the lines where the script failed into a new GitHub Issue. Or, attach the whole log file as an attachment.


Inspired by thoughtbot's laptop, Mathias Bynens' dotfiles, Cătălin Mariș's dotfiles and more.

Get your machines in formation.

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